May 17, 2015:

VASTEC-on-Demand Provides Secure Data Access and Storage

VASTEC-on-Demand (VoD) combines maximum security protocols with a repository customized to match how you use and retrieve your information.


April 18, 2016:

New York City Enacts Accessibility Standards for Government Websites

Vastec, a leader in 508 accessibility, is proud to share that New York City has become the first city in the United States to require 508 accessibiltiy for all of its government agencies. 



April 27, 2015:

VASTEC Announces Fully Dedicated Accessibility Team

VASTEC, a leading provider of scanning and digitization services to government and industry, is proud to announce it is one of a few companies in the industry with a team fully dedicated to providing accessibility and Section 508 services.


April 5, 2015:

Visit VASTEC at Government Procurement Conference in Washington

VASTEC, a premier provider to Federal agencies of document scanning and digitization, records management, and Section 508 accessibility services invites you to meet with them at the 25th Government Procurement Conference in Washington, D.C. on April 15. This year VASTEC will be in booth 211.


March 22, 2015:

VASTEC Verified Certification Provides Assurance Electronic Information Meets Accessibility Standards

“The ‘VASTEC Verified’ symbol provides assurance that we have first reviewed electronic information to determine accessibility and, if necessary, have then remediated and verified it as meeting our internal accessibility standards,” said Rob Salimbene, VASTEC’s Account Manager for Accessibility Services. “With the Access Board now considering a Section 508 refresh, this certification process should be of increased benefit for anyone with accessibility needs as they relate to electronic data.”


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